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Windbreak Netting

Windbreak Netting

Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh

Windbreak Netting

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Windbreak netting is ideal for creating shelter for plants and livestock that are in areas prone to strong winds. This is a vital product in making sure a full harvest is available without any wind damage to the crops. When the wind passes through this netting the speed is reduced by approximately 50% and therefore less damage is caused to the plants. Additionally it can be used around patio areas to create a less windy, more comfortable environment.

A combination of flat tape threads and double lock-stitch technology creates the ultimate woven netting. This design produces a strong, durable product that is tear-proof and does not fray when it is cut. There are buttonhole eyelets situated at 4cm intervals down both sides of the netting to allow easy fixing to poles, posts and other structures. The most popular way of securing this net to a structure is with the use of cable ties as they are easily threaded through the eyelets and fastened around a pole. The material is also chemical resistant; therefore the use of pesticides and detergents will not have a detrimental effect on the netting. Also this item can be used as shade netting as it can block out 60% of light attempting to penetrate through. This product is available in both green and black and in 3ft, 4ft and 6ft widths.
  • Protects crops and plants from strong winds.
  • Flat tape threads.
  • Double lock-stitch technology.
  • Buttonhole eyelets every 6cms.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Rip and fray-proof.
  • Also blocks 60% of light.
  • Available in green and black.
  • 3ft, 4ft and 6ft widths.
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Sue Horne - Shetland isles

Superb windbreak

Just installed 70m black windbreak along our western boundary. It's uneven ground adjoining rough pasture with existing fence posts in place. Was a dream to install, easily tensioned despite the uneven ground and gives a really professional appearance. Delighted with the black - much less noticeable than green in our environment. We have regular sustained winds of 60+ mph during the winter - In comparison to many of the windbreak mesh fencing used locally this certainly looks like it will be effective.

Steve Bond - North Cornwall

Thank you for prompt delivery of exactly what I ordered, windbreak netting as described.

Every year my globe artichokes catch a few early rays of sunshine and sprout like there's no tomorrow. Then, every year, along comes a few hours of gale and there's leaves and broken stems everywhere.

When I put the netting up on Wednesday I thought maybe I had wasted my money. It's so thin and floppy and feeble looking. Last night the storm came big time. I checked my wire caged qvs netted artichokes at midnight and they were hardly swaying.

This morning I see that the wind blew leaves and blossom off the trees and sent my neighbour's plants on walkabout. My artichokes are standing grandly in the sunshine. I am sooooo pleased.

Thank you.

Steve Bond

North Cornwall (Treeless. Near the stormy clifftops)