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Windbreak Netting

Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh
Heavy Duty Windbreak Netting | 50% stopping | Also useful as shade mesh

This windbreak netting is ideal for creating shelter for plants and livestock that are in areas prone to strong winds. This is a vital product in making sure a full harvest is available without any wind damage to the crops. When the wind passes through this netting the speed is reduced by approximately 50% and therefore less damage is caused to the plants. Additionally it can be used around patio areas to create a less windy, more comfortable environment. It's Also used as a shade netting with 60% of light being obstructed allowing the other 40% to penetrate through.

A combination of flat tape threads and double lock-stitch technology creates the ultimate woven netting giving it a life span of up to 10 years - so you can use it season after season. This design produces a strong, durable product that is tear-proof and does not fray when it is cut. There are buttonhole eyelets situated at 4cm intervals down both sides of the netting to allow easy fixing to poles, posts and other structures.

The most popular way of securing this net to a structure is with the use of cable ties as they are easily threaded through the eyelets and fastened wire fencing or it can also be battened to wooden poles. The material is also chemical resistant; therefore the use of pesticides and detergents will not have a detrimental effect on the netting.

  • Protects crops and plants from strong winds.
  • Flat tape threads.
  • Double lock-stitch technology.
  • Buttonhole eyelets every 6cms.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Rip and fray-proof.
  • Also blocks 60% of light.
  • Available in green and black.
  • 3ft, 4ft and 6ft widths.
  • 100 gr/m2​​​​​​​
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Strong, works well

Strong, easy to install plenty eyelets to facilitate threading plain wire through quickly

Andrew Bell | Carlisle | November 2021

Robust tidy appearance

can be tensioned around posts without tearing

Chris Pearce | Wiltshire | August 2021

Living in the Highlands

This is an excellent product for protecting our plants from the strong winds and also helping to keep the deer from getting in. Highly recommended

Ian MacKinnon | Scottish Highlands | July 2021

Purchased this netting to help block the sunlight to my Koi pond.

It has been used for a month now stop green water and Blanket weed build up, It has stopped both of these and gives enough light for the plants, just what I needed.

david swift | oxfordshire | July 2021

Quality of product

The product was ideal for my problem (high wind protection )

I have also recommended this product to local allotment association

John O'Connor | Coventry | June 2021

Good Quality Net

I've used this to protect part of a very exposed allotment plot. It seems to reduce wind speed enough as not to cause the younger plants too much harm. It has stretched and sagged a little after some high winds, but with the numerous loops along the seams, it's easy to put right. Seems well made and should last a fair amount of time.

Mike | Cotswolds | June 2021

Excellent windbreak netting

Bought to protect a newly planted hornbeam hedge. Delivery was prompt, and the newly erected netting was immediately put to the test by several days of severe south westerlies, and worked extremely well to protect the hedging.

Other reviewers prefer black, but to me the green looks a natural colour, not bright, and blends in well with a farmland background.

Mike Player | North Cornwall | March 2021

Windbreak netting

I wrote a review just after I received the netting complimenting you on the efficient service, but I had not erected the netting. I have now done so and it is very effective. Being black it is also less obtrusive than the bright green and so blends in with the surroundings much better.

Richard E Smith | Hampshire | March 2021

Windbreak netting

I ordered some black windbreak netting yesterday and it arrived today! Superb service. I haven't erected it yet, but it looks fine. I chose black as I thought it would blend into the landscape better than bright green.

Richard Smith | Hampshire | January 2021

Superb windbreak

Just installed 70m black windbreak along our western boundary. It's uneven ground adjoining rough pasture with existing fence posts in place. Was a dream to install, easily tensioned despite the uneven ground and gives a really professional appearance. Delighted with the black - much less noticeable than green in our environment. We have regular sustained winds of 60+ mph during the winter - In comparison to many of the windbreak mesh fencing used locally this certainly looks like it will be effective.

Sue Horne | Shetland isles | April 2020

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