Weeds are one of the most common problems in the garden and home. Our weedkiller range are formulated to treat different types of weeds and surfaces. Pirrenials such as dandelions, clover, nettles, ivy, brambles, burdock and prickly lettuce are a constant irritant to gardeners and landscapers.

Our Knockdown and Glysophate range is supplied in in both spray and bottle form, it is ideal for small and large areas. The weed killers come in varying strengths to tackle different types of vegetation. and  kill weeds to the root.. No toxic residue is left after application and will biodegrade in the soil so it is suitable for replanting.
Heavy duty tree stump treatment is an effective way to clear tricky vegetation and tree stumps.

Perennials on paths and patios are a nuisance but our range of path and patio cleaners are great for cleaning and keeping them clear. Our path and patio cleaners do not need scrubbing or brushing and leave no stains or harmful residue.