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Weed Control Fabric

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Weed Control Fabric is a black or green woven material suitable for many uses. Made from woven polypropolene this geotextile fabric matting allows air and water to pass through, but blocks out light to stop weeds germinating. This heavy duty weed cloth is used by many gardeners, both professional and at home. Being heavy duty it will be a strong long term barrier. The weed suppressing membrane is strong enough not to need covering but you are able to cover treated areas with bark, gravel, mulch and of course turf. Weed suppressant fabric can also be used in polytunnels and greenhouses and is also suitable as a driveway fabric membrane.

Heavy Duty: 100gsm

100gsm stands for 100 grams per square metre, this is the scale with which this ground cover is measured.

Extra Heavy Duty: 125gsm​​​​​​

The 125gsm is made from the same woven membrane as the 100gsm but is an extra heavy duty option. It also provides a different colour, green rather than black, which can be more aesthetically pleasing on the eye should you not need to cover the fabric.

Landscape Fabric: 50gsm

This is a spun bonded (non woven) 50gsm material. Typically it is used in areas where there is little walk through traffic such as borders, flower beds, fruit & veg patches, raised beds, etc, and needs to be protected with a covering of mulch, chippings, bark or stones. Not suitable for driveways.

Weed Control Products

Our large range of weed control products and securing pegs are specifically designed for different types of ground. Two types of peg are available, plastic & steel. More information can be found in the weed control pegs section below.