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QVS offer a wide selection of Polyethylene, PVC & Traditional Canvas Tarpaulin Sheets in many colours, sizes and weights. Our selection of Tarpaulin Covers include: Blue, Green, White, Beige, Red, Standard, Glass Clear, Basha Type Army Camouflage, Striped and Super White covers for Market Stalls, Green and Tan coloured Canvas, plus many more. As an immediate guide to the duty of each product, you need to find the GSM stated in the advert. GSM is the approximate weight guide and stands for grams per square metre. As a basic rule, the higher the number, the more durable and heavy duty the tarp. An economy sheet will be around 80gsm and these are typically used for temporary covers where the stress on the tarpaulin sheet is going to be minimal and short term. Our most heavy duty product has a weight of 560gsm. Please note that all tarps bar one type are classed as waterproof. The exception is our range of canvas tarps which are classed as water resistant only which means they should not be used is to make watertight areas as water seepage is possible.

As waterproof tarpaulins are put to so many different uses and subject to different types of weather conditions, suppliers cannot predict a lifetime for any specific product. There is however some golden rules that will definitely help you increase the longevity of your tarpaulin sheet: (1). Always ensure it is supported well when in use. (2). Endeavour to position in such a way to allow water to run off. (3). Use bungee shock cord rather than rope when tying to a fixture. (4). Use an eyelet Kit to add extra eyelets if additional fixing points required. (5). When using fixing pegs be sure to use the most appropriate peg to provide the best anchorage. (6). If you experience a rip at any time, repair the damage immediately with a good quality waterproof tape (canvas tarps will require a patch as tape generally does not adhere).