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Steel Pegs

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Each style has been created to give security and stability for use with camping equipment, our range of covers and also geotextiles and fleece. Firstly, the Rock Pegs, as the name suggests, are most suited to a rocky and hard soil constitution. Being seven inches long and 8mm diameter, the ABS hooks will attach ropes and bungee cord for your preferred basha and other sheets with eyelets.
Our Groundsheet Pegs, have a looped head at a 90 degree angle to ensure the head fits flush to the surface once pushed fully into the ground. These are ideal to create a firm grip on weed control fabrics and groundsheets or guide ropes. Our 9" hardened steel Hook Pegs perform a similar role but have a design that allows the head to be partially submerged into the ground, giving it extra strength when holding bungee or polyrope.
Metal Staple Pegs are ideal for harder ground types when laying down weed control fabric products, crop protection, netting and jute. With a width of 4" and length of 6" these are ideal for hard or stony soil.
V-Pegs 'V' design makes them very durable in tough ground, offers added holding power in soft or wet ground due to the 'V' shape design. It has a small hole at the top for passing guy lines through and a lip at the top to allow quick and easy removal.
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