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Spring Clamps

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We have three types of spring clamps in the QVS store, 2.5"s 3.5"s Plastic and 6" Metal. The 2 ½ inch Clips are most commonly used by market stall traders to hang up price ticket and small samples of stock. They are also great for hobby and craft projects, household uses and for fine woodworking. The maximum opening capacity is 30mm (1.25"). We also supply large 3.5"  clamps, maximum opening capacity for these is 38mm (1.5"). They hold the same basic properties as the smaller , but the larger size means that they are useful for larger, heavier items. The swivelling jaw pads  help them attach to varying and uneven surfaces when navigating tricky situations. The plastic spring loaded re-usable clip ensures a tight grip and long lasting durability allowing you to use it again and again without a reduction in performance.

A simple and well-designed piece of equipment, the 6 inch steel clamp is a great alternative for fastening market stall covers, plastic sheets and other items. Constructed from pressed steel, with a plated finish and a hefty high-tension 2.5mm thick spring inside. It has handles that are etched to provide better grip for the user, as well as two holes that offer a convenient storage option. This clip is both fit for heavy-duty outdoor work and general jobs inside the house. At 6 inches long (15cm), ithas a maximum jaw capacity of 50mm. .
We also supply a large range of Market Stall Accessories and Fixings.

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