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Plant Fleece

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Frost and harsh weather conditions are a constant problem for the modern gardener. Plants and crops can suffer, and more often than not die if they are not protected during difficult weather conditions. Garden fleece is a simple, yet effective, way of keeping your plants protected from the unpredictability of our climate. The garden fleece fabric has been spun-bonded giving it strength and making it incredibly durable for use in both gardens and greenhouses. It also provides excellent protection from wind, rain, frost, insects and birds. The properties of this garden cover allow for use all year round making it fantastically adaptable and has been UV stabilised; this makes it suitable as a cover for plants to help maintain a suitable microclimate to aid plant growth and development. The makeup of the garden fleece allows the permeation of water and air which are needed for the plant to grow. The plant protection allows light penetration, allowing plants to receive the sufficient amount of light needed for development.

The fleece material is light enough to completely cover plants and not damage or weigh them down. Once covered the garden fleece allows for the stabilisation of temperature, keeping the plants and soil warm and acts as frost protection for plants in cold and harsh conditions, meaning a stronger and healthier crop resulting in an earlier harvest. Additionally heat radiates from the ground during the evening and night time and it helps to store and use heat that would otherwise be lost. The plant fleece can be easily secured with pegs allowing for better coverage and a strong, stable and long lasting cover for your plants and crops. This plant fleece product is suitable for both amateur and professional gardeners.