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Our range of netting includes Pond, BirdShade, Windbreak, DeerDebris, and more. People put netting to use in the garden protecting crops and plants from wildlife, as a barrier keeping household pets safe and secure and creating pleasant outdoor environments; for example using shade and windbreak net to create outside living and eating areas.

All of our garden mesh netting is UV stabilised meaning that it is optimised for life outside. Coming in a range of mesh sizes, styles and colours each product is designed to suit a range of jobs and purposes, whilst being effective at each one. Garden Netting & Bird net are a staple in all allotments and vegetable patches, helping to ward off pests and keep the crops free of disease and healthy without the need for pesticides and sprays. All of our netting products are rot, mildew and mould proof for a sustained life.

Your choice of plastic garden mesh will differ depending on the job you want to do, and the length of time you want to use the netting. You can chose between extruded or knotted mesh. Extruded is made from a solid piece of plastic and is the more economy option. Knotted is woven in construction and is built to be stronger for a longer life.