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Landscape Fabric

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Landscape Mulch Fabric is a 50gsm spun bonded membrane suitable for suppressing weeds and perennials. Generally this is considered a light duty geotextile and is mostly used for areas with no pedestrian activity such as flowerbeds, borders and lawn edging. It is advisable to protect the membrane with a layer of mulch, stones, chippings or gravel. This mulch fabric is UV stabilised and reduces light penetration to the soil below whilst allowing water to penetrate and pass through.

Medium Duty: 50GSM

Coming in rolls, this is very easy to use and cut to size. When multiple sheets of mulch fabric are required an overlap of 9-10 inches is necessary. This material is spun-bonded and UV stabilised for a longer life. Cutting 'X' shaped slits means the membrane can fit over existing plants. Pre-cutting the fabric also allows for new plants and crops to grow through, making the it adaptable to an ever-changing garden.

Please note that for areas such as paths and driveways we suggest utilising our heavier duty woven weed control due to its extra stability and durability.

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