Insect Netting Mesh

QVS provide two types of Insect Netting. Our standard Insect Netting is a woven 55gsm White mesh netting great for protecting your crops, vegetables, plants and trees. The mesh size is 1.3mm x 1.3mm, this means that plenty of light will penetrate the netting but all manner of pests and contaminates cannot. You can purchase the netting in 1m widths or 2m widths. The Insect Netting is UV stabilised meaning that it is resistant to rays and it protected from mildew and rotting. The Netting will also protect against rabbits, caterpillars, birds and more. Crops may be covered all the year round from planting right up to harvest. You can lay the netting completely flat over crops, trees and flower beds allowing enough slack for the growth of the crop, bury the edges or secure with pegs ensuring there are no gaps. The Netting can be used in conjunction with fleece to protect vulnerable crops against frost.

The Ultimate Insect Netting is a 125gsm mesh netting with a smaller mesh size than the standard netting. The netting comes in 1m wide and 2m wide. The 0.22mm x 0.8mm mesh size is designed specifically to protect against the smallest of insects such as aphids, thrips, white fly, cabbage root fly, carrot fly, as well as other flying insects and damage from caterpillars, birds, rabbits and more. Created from heavy duty 100% polyethylene the netting is, as is the standard netting, rot and mildew proof. The Heavy Duty Ultimate Insect Netting has a life expectancy of up to 10 years making it ideal for use season after season. The netting can lay straight over plants and crop or can me attached to a frame, polytunnel or hoops.

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