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QVS supply a range of Fixings, suited for attaching and securing our range of products.
Shock Cords and Ball Bungees and elastic rope provide safe and secure attachments for signs, tarps, tents and banners, allowing you to hang your covers and signage with the rigidity of tightly woven elastic rope that is able to stretch and deal with tough weather conditions. All of our products can be used effectively to create custom ties to be used in many DIY and camping scenarios. The Eyelet Kit we supply, as well as using it as a means of repair, may be used in such a way as to strengthen an existing groundsheet/tarpaulin.

Other fixings include Cable Ties, great for hanging Netting around the garden and for jobs around the house. The Rope we sell, which has great multi-purpose potential, can be used to secure a wide range of garden products and can be used on boats, in the home and in the agriculture industry.

Clamps are also a good way to hold down covers. The 6" Metal type are suited for market stalls with their crocodile style grip. Smaller Nylon clips are of use for situations in which versatility is needed such as hobby/craft projects, household applications and fine woodworking.

Cane Connectors are great for building structures in the garden for climbers, to drape netting on, or for make-shift projects.

Finally our large range of Steel Pegs are great for all sorts of tents, awnings, groundsheets, tarpaulins and covers. Each type of peg is customised for certain ground types and terrains meaning that you will find a peg perfectly crafted for your need.

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