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Adhesive Tapes

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Tarpaulin tape is specifically created to repair and protect rips in tarpaulins and similar materials. The tape is created from a Heavy Duty Mesh Thread encased in an Adhesive Coat which makes it a tough and resistant. The Tape comes in 2" and 3" wide reels. The smaller rolls range in colour from Blue, Green, White and Clear and the bigger size comes in Blue and Black.

Adhesive tape can also be used for Covers, Groundsheets, Awnings, Tents, Silage Bags, Hay Covers and Shelters. Ideal for securing and strengthening stress points and is not only useful for repairing tarps but they can strengthen them.
Gorilla Tape is a double thick adhesive tape with a heavy duty all-weather shell. Because of its strength it grips to Smooth, Rough and Uneven Surfaces like Wood, Stone, Stucco, Plaster, Brick and more. Gorilla tape comes in a handy 1" roll, very portable for fast repairs to Boats, Cars and for use around the Garden or Home.
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