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Extra Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric | 125gsm Weed Membrane | QVS
Extra Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric | 125gsm Weed Membrane | QVS
Extra Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric | 125gsm Weed Membrane | QVS
Extra Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric | 125gsm Weed Membrane | QVS
Extra Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric | 125gsm Weed Membrane | QVS
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​This 125GSM Extra Heavy Duty Green Weed Control Fabric is manufactured exclusively for QVS Marketing. This Green heavy duty weed suppressant membrane is probably the best to be found in the UK
Made from closely oven strips of polypropylene are UV stabilised and treated for an extra-long life. Green is a colour often preferred by gardeners because it is a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the standard black sheeting you often find. Being extra heavy duty weed fabric, it is designed for uses such as driveways, paths, under lawns, flower beds, borders and can be even left uncovered to clear large areas of weeds.  Purchasing a premium heavy duty weed suppressant membrane such as this, rather than an economy fabric, has many further benefits like more effective weed suppression and an extended life.

The heavy duty weed control membrane fabric is incredibly simple to use, it is as easy as cutting the sheet to size with scissors and then laying it down.  It is normal that multiple sections of sheeting are used during installation; when using multiple pieces an overlap of 20cm is sufficient. This suppressant is suitable for use with our range of weed fabric pegs; we recommend plastic pegs for soft ground and metal pegs for harder or rockier ground.

Stops weeds but allows rain water to drain through.

This green weed fabric performs a number of jobs, the first being that of stopping weeds growing from below the sheeting by preventing light from penetrating it. The suppressant keeps the soil below rich by allowing the through-flow of water and nutrients, meaning the ground will remain nourished and fresh for future planting. The sheet can also help with ground stability and is often used in the fight against soil erosion.  

Note - 3M, 4M and 5M rolls are ineligible for next day delivery.
  • 125gsm Heavy Duty
  • Green in colour
  • Created from woven strips of polyethylene
  • Keeps weeds at bay
  • Allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate
  • Suitable for use with our range of anchor pegs

Information about folded sheets.

There are options to add pegs to your order here. The choices you have are 15cm long plastic anchor pegs and metal staple pegs.  The heavy duty plastic pegs are for soft to medium ground; they are barbed for extra grip. The steel staples are 10cm (4") wide, 16cm (6") long and 2.9mm in diameter and designed for harder and stony ground. Extra heavy duty galvinised steel pegs are also available: Long Leg Pegs - 300mm x 45mm x 100mm (11.8" x 1.3" x 4") that are 4mm in diameter & U-Shaped pegs - 200mm x 45mm x 200mm (7.8" x 1.3"  x  7.8") also 4mm in diameter.
    heavy duty weed pegs

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Customer reviews

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Superb service. Sound item..

Initial impression of good quality. Negligible fraying when cut.

Useful transverse lines when measuring for cutting.

Pretty confident it will perform well!

M Reed | Newport | October 2023

Fasted, most efficient service ever!

We have't laid the fabric yet, but it looks very good quality, is thick, and I liked it because it's green, not black. I'm writing this review because of QVS's exceptionally good service. I was kept informed throughout as to when my order was taken, despatched and delivered - all in just two days! Will definitely buy from QVS again - quick, fast and efficient, thank you!

JULIET MEECHAN | Devon | July 2022

Fantastic Quality

Fantastic quality weed control fabric, much better than anything else I could find. I used it to cover the paths on my Allotment where couch grass and bindweed is a problem. .It has killed the weeds and stopped them from returning. Has been left uncovered with no signs of UV damage after a couple of years. Just made my second purchase to cover new paths elsewhere. Delivered quickly. Would recommend.

F Culleton | Lancashire | February 2022

This weed control is more expensive than others advertised but it is worth every penny. I’ve used it on allotment paths and front garden areas with brilliant success. Won’t consider anything else.

No dislikes

Brian Bateman | Sunderland | February 2022

Good weight and quality will hopefully give long service

Nothing to dislike

Jenny Nicholas | North Somerset | February 2022

Good stuff

I Always buy from QVS, fair prices and quick delivery. Have used this Fabric before a number of times on various small projects. Does the job well. Only one I have ever used where there has been virtually no weed growth though it.

Keith | Kent | January 2022

Nice zitem

This is the best quality weed control sheeting I’ve used. Gives good coverage, feels strong but cuts easy if required and is easy to lay. Overall very pleased

David Milburn | Burnley | January 2022

Best quality available

Have used the 125gsm fabric on numerous projects over several years and it is without a doubt worth every penny. Support and delivery from QVS always excellent.

A Thompson | Glasgow | January 2022

Excellent product, keenly priced

I’ve bought heavy duty weed control fabric on a number of occasions now from QVS. They’re keenly priced and delivery has always been super quick and seamless. Happily recommend them.

Sue Dickinson | Mayfield | December 2021

Great quality product

Brilliant service arrived in quick time- very happy with quality of membrane

Monica Bruce | Bicester | November 2021

Excellent quality and service

Very pleased with this weed suppressant material, so much so I bought another roll

Philip Wark | Prestonpans | November 2021



PAUL | ISLE OF WIGHT | November 2021

It really keeps the weeds atbay

Easy to work with

Robert Allan | Glasgow | November 2021

Premium liner

Used to line area shown covered with stone. Withstands heavy use. Previously bought and used on parking area

Colin Williams | Tamworth | November 2021

Fantastic quality

Huw Jones | | November 2021

The best I’ve found for many years

Probably the best weed fabric I’ve used. I use weed suppressant fabric regularly. This is however one of the best I’ve ever used. Thick, strong, lays well, and is consistent in its weave. The pegs which can be purchased with this fabric are great also.

Mark Halsall | Devon | November 2021

Green Weed Control Fabric,

First class product

Mark Spring | Spalding | November 2021

Dyrable, high quality.

Strong weed matting which outperforms every other make I have tried. No need to go anywhere else.

Barry Mulady | East Sussex | November 2021

Very useful

Bought this several times for covering overwintering beds. Great stuff

David Martin | Aberfeldy | November 2021

Far superior to any other weed control fabric

It does what it’s supposed to do and lasts 5 times as long as the cheaper thinner ones. It’s well worth paying the little bit extra

Ally | Liverpool | November 2021

Tough and effective

This heavy duty weed control fabric is tough and much more effective than lighter weight products that I have bought elsewhere. If used for weed clearance on open ground it can be reused repeatedly on different areas.

C Hancock | Ceredigion | November 2021

Jolly good product

This weed control fabric is jolly good and I always use it for ground cover purposes. It doesn't let in light and is easy to cut and place. It does tend to fray sometimes, but just be careful when cutting.

Simon Gee | Borehamwood | November 2021

Excellent all round

Easy to navigate website, great range of products with in-depth descriptions. It was easy for me to choose the right product. Ordering was simple and my goods were delivered in time. Would definitely recommend!

David Street | Gloucester | September 2021

Bye Bye Little Weed

I chose this heavyweight weed membrane to start a project to make our gardens low maintenance i initially bought 30 metres of the stuff for the back garden, I was so impressed with both the matting and the pegs i bought another 40 metres and 75 pegs. I would recommend both products if you want to get rid of your weeds

Nigel Ashworth | Frimley Green | September 2021

Does the Job!

Excellent product - strong and durable, keeps the weeds at bay !

Nina Green | Lake District | September 2021

Good quality material and a sensible price

Quick arrival, good price. I’ll be shopping here again when I next need something.

Jonathan Dear | Emsworth | August 2021

Great product

Great product and very high quality. Am very happy with my purchase. Was kept well informed by the supplier. Highly recommend

Sam | Oxford | August 2021

Excellent product

The product is a good heavy duty weed suppressant, it is available in several different widths and lengths to suit individual needs at a great price. Easy to order and very quick delivery. Can highly recommend

Veronica O'Neil | Halesowen | July 2021

Quality Product

This Weed Matting is of good quality and covers the ground well. it looks like it is woven. Best weed matting I have used to date.

Well impressed with it. I have even made a mat and sewn the edges to stop fraying, which I have used when cutting my hedges to stop the clippings going onto the decorative stones. Have placed step ladders onto the mat and no problem with tearing etc. A very good product and It gets my approval. Well done.

Julia Richards | Clayton Le Woods | July 2021

Excellent quality weed control

This is the third time I've purchased this weed control fabric and would highly recommend it.

Tried others in the past but they are nowhere near as good.

Alan James | Dyfed | July 2021

quality of product and price

first class product at a reasonable price

david samuel - samuel supplies | fife | July 2021

Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric

Good quality weed control fabric which should probably last a long time.

Delivered quickly.

Neil Coull | Wellbank | July 2021

Top Quality Product

This is a great product, available in various sizes.

The quality of the service is outstanding also.

I’ve ordered on 3 occasions and found a level of consistency which merits 5 stars.

AdrianEastwood | HOLYWOOD | July 2021

Probably the heaviest g p/sq m

Very easy to work with very minimal fraying when cut

Steven Drake | Lowestoft | July 2021

Great quality, easy to handle and lay.

Being able to purchase this in one wide and long piece was more practical for laying small stones on.

Due to its thickness, I was able to make create sections for planting, then fold the sections in again to cover the plant roots (I've tried this with flimsier membrane and all your left with are plastic strands poking out above the stones). I must add though, it's imperative that you use a strong and sharp blade for cutting. This is a thick, tough membrane. The pic shows the perfect underlay for both the small stones and the artificial grass.

Helen | Fife | July 2021

Great Quality and Long lasting.

The material was wrapped around a wooden frame to make a wind break. The UV resistance has proved brilliant over the past 6 years.

Stephen Cullum | Norwich | June 2021

High quality membrane

I am delighted with the quality. It’s the best membrane I have ever used and is favourably priced. A friend of mine saw the quality and has subsequently ordered the same product. I wish I had come across this earlier.

Paul Labrum | Staffordshire | June 2021

The strength and thickness,superior to anything I have seen in any superstore or garden centre..Highly delighted with this product and it seems to be stopping the mares tail coming through


Peter | Nottingham | June 2021

quality weed control fabric. actually good

This is good, and I wish I had found QVS before.

It's nothing like the toilet paper ones that you get elsewhere. This fabric does not tear.

It's more like tarpaulin, but thicker.

Domen Puncer Kugler | Farnborough | May 2021

Extra heavy duty weed control

WOW!! Was blown away with the speed with which my order was delivered. Ordered 14.22 & was delivered before 13.30 the next day.

Am extremely pleased with the outstanding quality of both the product & the service I've received. Have just placed my 4th order for this product which will be used on my two allotment plots. More than likely further orders will be placed at a later date. Thank you.

William Ensor | Birmingham UK | March 2021

Great quality item at a great price

This is the second time I've purchased this Extra Heavy Duty weed control fabric. It was exactly what I was looking for, the quality is second to none and it does the job its made for brilliantly. I did purchase a far cheaper product from another retailer when I first tackled my drive, which was a total waste of time as I then had the do the same job all over again. Buy quality is my advise and this is a quality product.

Nick Smyth | Northern Ireland | March 2021

Good Value

I have bought several of these weed control fabrics for my allotment. They have arrived very promptly from the suppliers.

They have not degraded as some I have bought before. There is a bit of fraying on the edges but only to be expected. I would recommend the fabric, it does as advertised , very pleased.

Robert Thomas | Gloucestershire | March 2021

Excellent Quality and Service

Have bought a number of items from QVS and they have always been delivered quickly and are of a superior quality. In fact I bought a cheaper weed control membrane for a project that required a lot of cutting to fit a particular shape. The cheaper membrane was very thin (even though it was 100gsm) and frayed very easily - so when I needed some more I decided on QVS. Yes, I paid a little more but the difference was 'chalk and cheese'. Far more robust and cuts without fraying. Very pleased and would recommend.

Ian Payne | Rutland | March 2021


Excellent service. Delivered well packed and on time. Bought numerous times and always a quality product. Best weed suppression fabric I have used. Been left uncovered for over two years now and shows no deterioration at all

Keith O’neale | Wales | March 2021

Worth every penny

This is a really good quality product. Thick and yet easy to manage. I would have rated more if there were more stars. At last I've brought something of the internet that I'm not disappointed with. Well done QVSshop. I'm loath to say anything else in case it all disappears off the shelf.

Jane Harrison | East Sussex | September 2020

Great stuff

Never used this before, but it was flexible and maliable, but feels really good quality, thick and tightly woven.

Customer service second to non and really quick delivery (27 hours from ordering to delivered) despite a global pandemic. Would really recommend this company and this product.

Lynda | Guildford | May 2020

Weed membrane

I recently purchased some heavy duty 125gsm weed membrane from qvs , it arrived next day which was excellent service. Compared to other weed membrane out there this looks and feels quality, more expensive but I suppose you get what you pay for. Hopefully it does the job and no more weeds coming through, ile right a follow up review in six months.

Andrew Lindley | Rotherham, south Yorkshire | April 2020

Weed Control Fabric

This is my second purchase of this fabric. It is excellent quality heavy duty membrane. I have used it under gravel and around fruit bushes. The service from qvs was excellent.

Rose W | Mid Wales | April 2020

Excellent Service. Standard postage, arrived the next day, brilliant. I purchased this for my husband, he's really pleased. Sooo that makes me happy. I would recommend the membrane and the pleasant service. Thank You x

Z Graham | South Yorkshire | July 2019

Top quality membrane. I put this down on our driveway and covered with 9 tonnes of gravel, no more weeds this is the best on the market. With excellent customer service and very quick delivery. Just ordered more for the borders and it's ideal as a cover for the top of any sheds, better than the basic felt. If you want quality membrane give qvs a call you won't be disappointed. Excellent service A****************

Stephen Beer | Cornwall | May 2019

Good material, used as weed-suppressant, it is easy to lay and so far seems better quality than others used, which have torn easily. Packaging and delivery excellent.

J Zareba | Croydon | January 2018

This product was excellent quality. Good to be able to buy a small quantity (2x5 metres). Arrived promptly. Good value. Would certainly use again.

Mrs C | Woking | December 2017