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Weed Control Fabric

Limited Offer!

20% off selected Weed Fabric Pegs when you purchase any of our 100gsm Black Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric.

Eligible pegs include: Plastic Anchor Pegs, Metal Staple, L-Shaped & U-Shaped Pegs.

Important: Both qualifying items (weed fabric & pegs) must be added to the basket prior to checkout for the deal to be automatically calculated.

Weed Control Fabric is a black woven material suitable for many uses. Made from woven polypropolene this geotextile fabric allows air and water to pass through, but blocks out light to stop weeds germinating. This weed cloth is used by many gardeners, both professional and at home. Being heavy duty it will be a strong long term  barrier.  The membrane is strong enough not to need covering but you are able to cover treated areas with bark, gravel, mulch and of course turf. Weed suppressant can also be used in polytunnels and greenhouses.

Heavy Duty Matting: 100gsm

100gsm stands for 100 grams per square metre, this is the scale with which this fabric perennial stopper & garden ground cover is measured.

Weed Control Products

Our large range of weed control products and securing pegs are specifically designed for different types of ground. Two types of peg are available, plastic & steel. More information can be found in the weed control pegs section on our website. We also supply a range of lighter grade landscaping membrane. This 50gsm fabric is useful for garden areas such as flowerbeds. Other products are available such as sprays and pegs.
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4M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
4M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
3M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
3M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
2M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
2M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
1M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
1M Wide 100gsm Weed Control Fabric
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